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What to visit in Caorle: the beach, culture and history

The Laguna of Caorle and Bibione means not only a wonderful natural environment but also culture and tradition.

Here you will have the chance to visit important archaeological finds: for instance, the old coastline shows the traces of the foundations of the ancient town. Moreover, you can find numerous wrecks of Roman ships, the Roman villa of Motteron dei Frati in Bibione, the medieval customs checkpoint of the Serenissima in Baseleghe, the settlements of palafitte of San Gaetano and numerous other examples.

The cliff of Caorle is one of the most beautiful walks in the North Adriatic. A walk along the promenade will allow you to admire on the one side the image of the historic centre of Caorle and, on the other side, the sea. This walk is one of the most enchanting views and, along the way at the end of the dam, you can admire the fascinating Church of Madonna dell’Angelo.

The “Casoni” are the typical houses of the fishermen of the Laguna of Caorle and they are a fundamental part of the beautiful landscape that Hemingway has described in the novel “Across the river and into the trees”. These houses are still used by fishermen that fish eels and sea bass. The Casoni are characterized by a dirt floor and a roof built with reeds woven together and made waterproof by chimney smoke that acts like a glue. During World War II the Casoni of Caorle were used as a place to hide from the Germans. Today, these huts are used as a residence by many fishermen and are a kind of house popular in many areas of Caorle’s Lagoon. They have a relatively commercial importance and they have a remarkable tourist attraction: you can visit them by bicycle or on board the bragozzo, a traditional boat typical of the lagoon that can accommodate up to fifteen people.

A holiday in Caorle is an experience that is worth living.

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